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Thread: Dog poo night vision

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    Dog poo night vision

    What a waste of money.

    Undercover wardens given night-vision goggles to help crack down on DOG POO | Daily Mail Online

    They should have bought thermal imaging

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    I bet that council, like most public services are being royally squeezed by the government, yet there are crackpot managers who think this is a good way to spend money. At the same time, the same area's social services will be having to cut back with what they do for the elderly and vulnerable. Of course I am against fouling the pavements, but come on. Give the enforcers a weekly allowance of carrots!

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    If they could not catch the folk in the summer with plenty of daylight not sure how they think they will do better at night

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    Good. I hope they catch every last one of the disgusting owners who think they're above cleaning up after their dogs. Dog mess is a serious health hazard. A ban on dog ownership for those caught would be fine in my book! It only takes one irresponsible owner to ruin an area for everyone!

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    It's good to know that they are using sophisticated kit. Must be much better than my tubed stuff. . I was talking to my local council about pigeons and they sent me the info from the bloke who was removing them. He was using a professional air rifle. I was tempted to ask them where he got it from as mine probably isn't.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I agree about the disgusting owners, as a dog owner I'm sick of stepping in it!

    I thought Mrs May was going to outlaw the use of this for misdemeanours?

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    Although it's messy and smelly, there are conflicting figures about how hazardous dog mess is. How many people have ever gone blind due to the parasites in dog mess?

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    Local council here pay a guy to go round painting dog sh!7 red..... wtf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Local council here pay a guy to go round painting dog sh!7€ red..... wtf?
    Up here too - makes the owners clean it up for a few weeks when they see actually how much is not picked up!!! then they get bored and start leaving it again!!

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    On our local section of canal, the 'friends of the canal' spray paint dog poo yellow. Someone must then come along and remove it, that person is only programmed to recognise and remove piles of 'yellow' as often litter close to it gets left - could be a new robot ?!! I wonder what happens to the yellow poo?

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