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    Somebody mentioned in a previous thread that my roe skull in velvet might get moths attacking and eating it. Anyone know the best way to prevent damage please?

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    Inject it with formaldehyde I have heard,not overly sure though.


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    That bit has been done, it's stopping moths eating at it I'm concerned about.

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    You need a residual insecticide its the common clothes moth larva that could do the damage, the curing chemical will probably stop them for a while, moth balls will stink and moth traps only trap males as a monitoring system so won't work, cedar wood is supposed to deter them you could try having a plack made out of that, there aren't many residual insecticide that last more than a few weeks other than woodworm treatments and they might affect the look of the velvet.
    Hope that helps a little Jake

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    Get something called 'Constrain' from a company called Historyonics. Comes in a spray Bottle. Just spray the head every couple of months = job done. The other way is to store the head in a sealed polythene bag out of direct sunlight, since the velvet will bleach almost white over time. A couple of moth balls in the bag before sealing it up will keep the critters away.

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    Thanks very much, I will have a look at Constrain. The head is already out of direct sunlight (the wife relegated it to the utility cupboard area) so that should be covered off.

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