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Thread: Best dies

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    Best dies

    Loosing patience with lee dies. Thinking of buying new ones. What would you recommend?


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    My RCBS ones are great but I haven't used them that much to be fair.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    I used to swear by RCBS for pistol dies and as a consequence only bought RCBS for rifle reloading. But things move on. I still favour their small base dies for sizing once fired cases that have been through rifles with poor quality chamber work.

    All my future rifle dies will be Redding as, and this the sole reason, I can put a carbide expander ball in them. Lee dies have their place. The Lee actory crimp is the best crimp die bar none. But you can live without it. I reloaded rifle cartridges for thirty five years without one.

    And Lyman dies are of good quality.
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    Thanks guys was looking at redding comp dies. Would they be the ones to go for?

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    I like Redding dies in general and the "S" bushing dies in particular, they seem to turn out good consistent ammo for me. For the pistol calibre cowboy rifle I think the Lee carbide dies are hard to beat. Oddly enough I started making a die myself today, about half done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Loosing patience with lee dies. Thinking of buying new ones. What would you recommend?

    Interesting what is the problem may I ask? I used to use Lee dies for reloading the 308 cartridge and did not have a problem with them. May even still have them somewhere stashed away. Still have the RCBS 270 ones which I have found again. Be interesting to know if Lee have changed over the years.

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