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Thread: the touchingly ignorant Mr Cameron

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    the touchingly ignorant Mr Cameron

    Now I know many on here start to foam at the mouth and break out in hives at the mere mention of George Mobiot, bit I can thorougly recommend this:

    David Cameron hasn’t the faintest idea how deep his cuts go. This letter proves it | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

    Even if you disagree with Monbiot's politics and approach, it's hard to see the exchange between Cameron and Hudspeth as indicating a prime minister who really understands what's going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    a prime minister who really understands what's going on.
    I must be missing something here. Is this news? Its been obvious for years that Cameron is nothing more than a creature of the system, without an original thought in his expensively educated head. I'm convinced if you tapped it, it would ring like a dinner gong...

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    I worked alongside some very big wigs in a govmnt dept and its the same all over, if the right information is not fed up the chain of command then the senior managers Directors get fed Sh!tloads of false information and quite a few times its like chinese whispers, one says something and the managers put their own twist on it and by the time the info has got down to the bottom and the unions get a hold of it the calls for strike action is very true, one certain inspec was told about the potential problem of loads of different Tax Codes being issd out to public due to the way information was input from the incoming server to the Database server, she refused to listen as she used to be a consultant for the company that sold the program to the Dept, She was told about Tax Consequences and she said that she knew all about it! Aye Right she went scurrying around to the senior Manager whom had to explain that it was just a consequence of an action like any other, idiot comes to mind, Then again she had already been off sick with the so called programming company with stress for over a year and she was given a job as an Inspector of taxes, Who in their right mind would employ somebody who could not hack the consultancy job in the first place... Needless to say thousands an thousands of wrong notices of different tax codes was issd to taxpayers and she still kept her job and the young guy that informed them of the potential problem before it blew up in their faces- left for a job in IT outwith civil service. As for other F**k ups what about the notice of loopholes in collecting taxes that where passed onto senior managers to Directors, To Ministers and Prime ministers and still nothing Done, Do you ever feel that your gettin the Piss ripped right out of you for payin through the nose whilst others pay nil.

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    totally agree ,i work for a French company ,all the racking and notice boards and sundry,s are bought in France and shipped here to support the French economy and therefore the tax is paid in France.Starbucks dont pay tax,Google dont pay Tax ,we do .income,car,road,VAT,Insurance,Pensions all taxed to the dangly bits .Why should the top dogs get away with it leaving us to shoulder the burdens .Mr call me Dave being a squillionaire isnt going to upset this applecart as former PM,S need consultant work when then retire
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Great to debate all the many reasons why councils are short of cash and have a crack at the pm but the root cause is the payouts being made to the huge number of economic European migrants who get help with their rents and council tax the moment their feet touch. Only another 450million to go.

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    Perhaps Oxfordshire council should have looked at what other councils are doing to save money, from my experience of councils, most are over staffed and run by incompetent staff.
    What amazise me is how people in the UK do not realise, that they can,t afford all the things they want the government to do for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    from my experience of councils, most are over staffed and run by incompetent staff.
    True! My experience is that council officer seniority is inversely proportional to competence in the job. I've tracked one individual over the course of their career, having seen her arrive in Herefordshire, screw up her brief in spectacular style and then depart back whence she came - having been extremely well remunerated along the way. She recently got an entirely dishonourable mention in Private Eye for wrecking a previously excellent SEN school on the south coast - took 'voluntary redundancy' to the tune of 100k and moved on. I wonder who appoints these people - 'executive headhunters' and recruitment agencies have much to answer for....

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    its called the peter principle

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