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Thread: Koventrieren...14 November 1940

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    Koventrieren...14 November 1940

    My mother remembered this.

    She heard the bombers fly over on their in that night. She lived in Lincolnshire.

    The next day she was told that Coventry had been the target.

    It is about a twenty minute drive from my house in Leicestershire where I live today. I was there this Thursday afternoon buying shoes.

    Tomorrow is the seventy-fifth anniversary of it.

    Ironically most of the industry, Riley, Daimler, Morris, Triumph, Armstrong Siddely, Rudge, Alfred Herbert are now all gone. Every one.

    I wonder how many will remember tomorrow?

    Article below. Shortly afterwards the Germans, thorough as ever, invented a new verb..."Koventrieren" ("to Coventry")...
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    I will.
    My family lived in the Hillfields area about half mile from the city centre, my mother was at her doctors pregnant at the time with my older sister it was 200 yards from the cathedral and she had to dive into his Andeson shelter for the whole night. Adolf killed my mother slowly by stress pushing her into smoking Woodbines after that event.
    The british phrase was translated as Coventrated (but there never was one for Rotterdammed though).
    RIP all 500+
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    I will .
    My mother lived with her parents in Allesly near to the Alvis works,on the edge of the City.They had an air raid shelter in the garden,after this raid when they came out, the house next door but one, had had a direct hit,flattening most of the houses around it. My Grandfather was a Riley of Riley cars. They all survived the blitz.Wf1

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    I remember at school in France in history lessons being taught about the new verb "Coventriser".
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