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Thread: Sportsmanguncentre / Nightforce - Credit Where it's due.

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    Sportsmanguncentre / Nightforce - Credit Where it's due.

    A good while ago, I bought in a rifle/scope combo 'in great condition'. A customer came to look at the scope and noticed a scratch on the eyepiece lens. I'd missed it. Obviously didn't buy!.
    Sent the scope to a well known repairer in Birmingham. It came back with the illumination not working. loads of crap on the reticle and a bill. Tried to tell me illumination wasn't working when he got it, and couldn't be fixed. Dust on reticle unavoidable and not fixable.
    I contacted Nightforce USA, explaining the problem. They sent me the relevent paperwork and asked me to return scope via SGC. This I did.
    SGC kept me informed of all legs of the scopes journey - and today the it has arrived back. Fully fixed, tested, boxed and all

    Not even postage charges. I'm blown away with this super quality service from two great Companies.

    (ps: anyone want to buy a 5-22x56NXS NP2DD, in great condition!!!).

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    I used The Sportsman Gun Centre a couple of weeks ago to buy a magazine for a rifle I have coming.The lad I spoke to that dealt with the sale was extremely helpful. (He could have got away with selling me a brand new one but found a good pre-owned one in stock that saved me 50% of the price) Paid for it on the Wednesday and it arrived the following day.
    I can't say a bad word about them!
    It's a shame that some have reported having bad experiences with them.

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    I have used them a few times, and have had good service.

    He that strikes the venison first shall be the lord o' the feast. Shakespeare, King Lear.

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    I only live a stone's throw away and the service there is hit and miss, if you live close it's a great place to get a bargain.

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    Hi 243ack

    If you still got scope could you pm me with how much your wanting to sell for?

    Cheers Si

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    Nice doing business with you, got scopes on and zeroed, Excellent scopes

    Cheers Si

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    My great pleasure in meeting you both.
    A pleasure to deal with too.
    None of the usual 'can you send me some pics, mate' time wasting.
    Good luck and straight shooting.

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