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Thread: Food labels, freezer proof.

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    Food labels, freezer proof.

    I am looking for recommendations where to purchase freezer-proof customised food labels, to be used by several members of our DMG. Thank you
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    I had some waterproof labels printed by Paper Mart in Leicester ( - ask for Abdullah Allana

    I provided a PDF of the design and Abdullah printed a sample. Once I was happy with this, Abdullah printed them in a few days and sent them to me. Nothing was too much trouble.

    No idea if they're freezerproof but they're printed on vinyl with waterproof ink so I would expect them to be OK in the freezer.

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    I use a roll of rectangular sticky labels form any stationary shop , the kind you stick on a corner of a poly pocket .
    They stick to freezer bags and the good vacuum rolls , just use a black marker ....
    Maybe this isn't professional enough to for your purposes but works for me for home , rotating stock etc in freezer


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    Think I may have just replied to you on FarceBook but I used for honey labels and they are high quality.

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    I just use a permanent marker.

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