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Thread: Leica value.

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    Leica value.

    Been offered a pair of Leica Ultravid HD 10X50 in good condition. Not the latest plus model but they are near to me.
    What are they roughly worth and are they as good as Swarovskis?

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    I rate Leica Ultravids (not tried the Ultravid HDs) as the best there is.
    Doubt you will be anything other than delighted with them.

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    I've got the 8x42 Ultravid HD's and find them to be superb - the rain coating is very good - have looked through Swaro's and for me there's nothing in it imho
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Not sure about 10x50's though RD. That's a big pair of binos to have hanging around your Gregory!

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    Any idea as to value?

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    Post a pic up but at a guess if they are what I think they are maybe 600-700 but that's only if they are what I think they are

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    depends who is selling them!
    I sold a pair of 8x42 non HD Ultravids for 660-680 IIRC

    HD's go for up to 1000+ but the jury is out on the advantage over the non HD version

    2nd hand decent nick, boxed, papers etc etc a good price would be around the 850 mark IMO

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    Thanks Ed, they are a tad below your estimate but with no box or papers. Genuine seller and hopefully will fill the gap left by me selling my EL's.

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