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Thread: Pecar or similar

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    Pecar or similar

    I am looking for a Pecar or similar scope if anyone has one gathering dust going reasonable


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    I have a Pecar 6x42 fixed as you say gathering dust . It was the first scope I had on my first C/F rifle a Sako .308 dont use the rifle much as it is set up for night vision and the scope is in my scope box gathering dust.
    I have probably fired 50 rounds through it ,but I bought it second hand.
    What kind of money are you wanting to spend.


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    Hi I have a Schmidt 30mm 8x56 & doctor 4x12-56

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    Thanks for all who replied or P M
    sendero - your scopes will be out of my price bracket - but thank you for offer

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    You should have a look at the Swarovski 6x42 I am selling. It out classes a Pecar by miles. I had a Pecar and when it became dusk it was as though it had the lens cap on.

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    Cheers Purdey - however it is too expensive for me mate

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