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Thread: Le chameau wellies

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    Le chameau wellies

    As title after spending £170 on a pair of chameau wellies two days ago I carnt tell you how crap they are to what they were ive not had a pair for 5 years but they used to be the ticket good for at least two or three years and to be fair even at the price they were good value for the money but it's oviously all changed as the new pair are paper thin sloppy and soft and after one day's rough shooting and one dog walk already have a leak so the new appraisal is absolute crap and they will be going back which leaves me wih what to replace them with is there a good welly out there thoughts please ( excuse the lack of grammar long day and alcohol )

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    Ive switched back to Hunters, was so impressed with the zipped neoprene lined that I also picked up a pair of the Vibram soled Sovereigns.

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    Agreed swatty, try Aigles
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    I have always found Aigle Parcours Iso to be very comfortable and last several seasons

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    Aigle Parcours 2 Varios arrived today to replace 8 yr old Le Chameau recently patched with bicycle repair kit!! Review to follow...
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    I bought a new pair of vierzonords a year or so ago and they wernt a patch on the older model. Im pretty certain they had small leaks before they were worn. I certainly won't be buying another pair of Le Chameau wellies. I contacted their customer services when I first bought them and had no reply so i am now never going to buy any footwear from them again.

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    After deliberating for a while about whether to get myself an expensive pair after my 2nd pair of seeland allrounds in as many seasons, i couldnt do it. Would hate to pay over 100 quid and still have them leak. Found the solognac stuff from decathlon so thought i'd give them a try. They have a 2 year guarantee on them and a fair amount to choose from at decent enough prices. Depends if you are wanting something to keep your feet comfy and dry or the 'look' on the shoot i suppose. Cant vouch for their endurance yet but for a fraction of the price of le chameau they arent bad at all and will be sending them back if i have a soggy foot by the end of january.

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