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    Not sure which section to put this in but How easy is it to book a range for a few hours at Bisley, or how do i go about it as a stalker opposed to a regular target shooter? I want to see where my rifle shoots at 300 yards and take some time to try different loads e.t.c in the right environment. I don't have anywhere appropriate and safe on my ground to do that. Thanks.

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    I believe to book a lane at Bisley you'll need to be a NRA member and have a SSC card. Or you need to be part of an NRA affiliated club who can book lanes for a club shoot or on your behalf.

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    Do not forget that it seems that one has to pass a little safety course before booking shooting at Bisley. The changes really beggar belief. Made a call to see what is entailed now and well I simply will not be bothering with Bisley anymore. Used to shoot there almost weekly but that was years ago but thought might make it down a few time a year even though it's long drive now. Simply not worth all the hoops they want you to jump though.

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    The shooters safety certificate is not just a Bisley thing, it was brought in by the military authorities themselves not the NRA and is required on all military ranges. Only takes half an hour to do the safety test and the card is valid for 3 years. If i remember correctly it costs about 20.

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    I would be just a little concerned that you have a rifle powerful enough for accurate 300 yd field shooting,
    Yet have nowhere safe enough to do a few controlled shots

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe soapy View Post
    I would be just a little concerned that you have a rifle powerful enough for accurate 300 yd field shooting,
    Yet have nowhere safe enough to do a few controlled shots
    That was my first thought.

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    Sorry may be out of order why can't you get up high for the 300 or is your land to short for safe shots beyond the 100? on Bisley ring the range booking office to get the info try to get a few of you and book one lane makes it cheaper and more enjoyable as a group.

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    Hi Dan, if you are a member of BASC get them to book it on your behalf.
    As for these guys worried about such a powerful rifle and having nowhere safe to shoot it, all Deer calibre rifles are capable of being dangerous at 300 yards but not many fields on 'normal farms' have the facility to enable someone to take 300 yard shots ! not in this part of UK anyway, maybe in Scotland or Wales but our part of UK is usually fields of 20 acres at most.
    Before I get lambasted, there are bound to be a few exceptions but I thought the comment sounded a bit 'Holier than thou'

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    Jesus guy just asks about some range time and people question his motivations and why he needs to.

    Has it occured to you that loosing off rounds at 300yds may spook the deer he wants to shoot on the ground he has?
    or indeed the owner doesn't want a box of ammo blasted off on his ground?

    I had some ground where that was the exact case
    shooting deer is one shot
    shooting targets is several..big difference in noise pollution

    I personally think that 300yds is an extremely good range for stalkers to be practising at
    too many people out there have never tried it and it is an extremely confidence inspiring exercise
    makes those shots at 200yds seem easy

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    I would agree with that - Definitely get some range time in at 300x if you can!

    My background in CF rifles is target rifle with iron sights from 300-1000x and when it came to taking a stalking shot at 100x having that confidence in long range shots definitely made it easier to pull the trigger.

    Give the range office a call and see what they can do - Joining the NRA is pretty easy to do, theres just an application form and small fee, and the range safety course is straightforward.

    If you already hold an FAC the application form is here - National Rifle Association of the UK | NRA | Membership | Application information for an FAC Holder

    You need to be a member of an HO approved club so just join one in your area if you're not already a member. Alternatively if you dont want to join a club (and this isnt already stated on your FAC) then give the NRA a call and they can probably help.

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