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Thread: Shaft - to lube or not to lube....That is the question..

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    Shaft - to lube or not to lube....That is the question..

    I have a big heavy unit.
    Its nothing to be proud of, I have had it as long as I can remember.
    I find the extra size and length of throw to be a real advantage and it accommodates everything I chuck at it, Big magnums all the way down to little peashooters.

    It gets in the way sometimes when in storage and I have banged my toes and shin on it more times than I can remember, but I try and get it out and use it as much as possible, stops it getting dusty and keeps my hand in so to speak.

    Its well used, seen plenty of action, but its not worn out.
    No point trying to tart it up now, I leave it with that "well used" look, not one for painting and polishing
    It has that smooth, comfortable feeling you get with things that have been handled a lot.
    Every now and then I see a bit of rust on the outside edges, but a quick rub with a wire brush or wire wool and some liberal oiling gets rid of that.
    On the whole I try my best to look after it as I would hate to ever have to replace it. But I havent gone so far as to name the bloody thing....that's just weird

    Its always performed faultlessly over the years, never missed a stroke and I have always been very happy with the results.
    As have most of those on the receiving end of its work.

    But lately I have found the shaft has been a bit sticky.
    Not massively so, you can push on through, but sometimes you have to really push and pull to get it cycling back and forth smoothly....sometimes quite an effort involved, get a right sweat up during a long session.
    Seems to be in the middle of the stroke rather than at the end

    I have tried cleaning the shaft, degreasing it, keeping the dust and bits out of the little opening in the end and round the edges.
    I tried a bit of oil which solved the problem for the job at hand but after a while I found the oil started to harden and make matters worse. thought i had broken it once when it was stuck solid. very worrying

    Not sure if it is the shaft that is the problem or the hole.
    It still has a nice tight fit and there doesn't seem to be any unwanted slop that might have caused wear
    I gave them both a damn good scrub and clean which solved the problem temporarily
    But it still seizes up when I go to use it if it has been out of action for a little while.

    I keep it warm and dry so the shaft itself doesn't have any rust on it.
    The shaft is usually at the bottom of its stroke which keeps the dust of it so it cant be that.

    Question I really want to be using grease on a regular basis?

    I am worried that it might attract particles and dirt and act as an abrasive.
    That brings a tear to the eyes just thinking about that

    just want my old action back as all this effort is putting my back out

    What do other do with their Rockchucker shafts?

    [This is not a picture of my actual shaft, just a library picture for graphical purposes, mine is much smoother and cleaner than this one..]

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    At first I was going to suggest a darkened room and vaseline.
    On my press I use a squirt of gun oil, I have tryed various oils and greases and found that if the chosen lubricant was thick it appeared to collect muck, wear as the light gun oil doesn't seem to.

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    I'm sure you'll get some great advice from some of the older members on here who have been self loading for many years.
    They must have found the right products to help with any problems they may suffer.
    Good luck. If you find the problem persists you might find the help of a "professional" will find a suitable way to free things up!

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    Silicone spray?
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
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    A damn good furious rub with a petrol soaked rag, then a light coating of copper grease should so keep it slick and primed for action at the drop of a hat.

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    Ed, I had until I sold it in 2010 an RCBS Rockchucker I bought new in 1977. It must have loaded thousands of rounds (but none on those hard to adjust Lee dies...).

    And I know what you mean. It is the debris from decapping that seems to get around the shaft and that you fear will then act as an abrasive and wear the holeway. Also maybe, or maybe not, carbon from when the expander ball exits the case neck on the downstroke.

    Well fear not! Mine was still as "tight" as when it was bought when I sold it in 2010 to get an Aussie Simplex that had a taller window better suited for .270 WCF and .280 Remington. I used to just put a ring of oil around the top of the ram when the ram was in the down position.

    I'd then run the ram up and down two or three times and then put the ram back in the down position and wipe off any excess oil. I'd do this maybe every six months. That's all. Certainly not every week or indeed every month. Not at all.

    Don't forget that if primer residue was abrasive your rifle also would be abraded would it not?

    Worry not! The oil was a totally clear transparent oil. A J Parker's Gun and Rifle Lubricating Oil. Not the inferior P-Hale product and not Rangoon either. But I think any fairly viscous oil would do the job.

    Hope it helps. You have problems because you are using the wrong oil, that's all. Use a different one and you won't have the issue. Good Luck! But wire brush and wire wool? Ouch! Never ever did or done that with mine.

    The ram should be smooth like a crankshaft when it comes from the factory and so wire brush or wire wool is best kept far way from it.
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    I use a product called 'Dri-Slide'...a liquid graphite/moly that dries out and leaves the ram really slick to operate.
    It's extremely 'runny', like black water until it dries, also dust repllent if you believe their propaganda and you don't need much for it to spread around the ram.
    One bottle will last ages.

    Drislide N. America, Inc. Drislide Multi-Purpose, 4oz Bottle-3 pack.

    It's available in the UK via a distributor in Reading I think. It's good stuff.
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    I use dry lube after a good wet up with carb cleaner to get the crud out

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