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Thread: do many people use springers & cockers for deer

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    do many people use springers & cockers for deer

    I do, i have 8 dogs mostly used for pheasant, partridges etc but i have one springer and on cocker that are fantastic deer dogs and not putting any body down but friends of mine that have just a deer dog breed seem to be a bit of a nightmare at most other things.

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    Hiya I use my 2 cockers for beating, picking up, rough shooting,pigeons and also deer there are both little stars bazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazil View Post
    Hiya I use my 2 cockers for beating, picking up, rough shooting,pigeons and also deer there are both little stars bazil
    I can vouch for them. Truely well behaved and exceptional.

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    Use a cocker and springer for pheasants and use both for deer, the springer is brilliant on deer.

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    I have a cocker and he is great on pheasant, duck and pigeon but he cant extend his skills to deer. In my case one tool won't do for all jobs but I wouldn't change him for the world. He did a fantastic retrieve from across a river today that I will remember for all my days.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    Yes, also use a cocker for going stalking with me.


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    thanks for your comments guys, it just goes to show if you put the time and energy into your dog you can make it into almost anything.
    no deer dog for me i'm sticking to my spaniels.

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    Gents Im just curious and trying to understand what people mean when they refer to dogs as deer dogs. For example do just mean a dog that you take stalking who maybe winds deer and indicates to you that they are there before you spot them, or do you mean for following up on a lost deer immediately after the shot or do you mean a dog for tracking cold trails 24 plus hours later? or intact all three?
    I have a spaniel who I am hoping will come out with me and do follow up immediately after the shot if ever required and for the rest of the time just keep me company on my stalk.


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    An interesting question.

    Id like to see some dogs work out tracks where there has been multiple dogs tried and failed with no sign at all at the shot site or surrounding area,within areas with immense sign of animals and that dog must find a wounded animal that has travelled a fair distance because it has been pushed on by a few different dogs.

    Any dog will find a freshly shot animal,has that dog got the experience to deal with a wounded animal?

    What would your springer/cocker do when faced with a wounded boar for example,or a wounded red hind?
    Wounded,still alive and very mobile.

    Everyone loves their dog,no problem with that at all,be very realistic what they can do as if you are not,you can cause more suffering.

    Steve,a very good and correct post.
    A deer dog should do all the work required of it,those 3 things you have mentioned is a small part of the picture.

    So the morale of the story is check the shot site and see if the dog can cope with the animal that has been shot,from the evidence available at the shot site,otherwise the deer dog can actually cause more suffering.

    The importance of the shot site can't be understated

    PS-my dogs aren't trained to anything else but deer/boar......they'd be useless on anything else.A springer will excel in everything that my dogs do not do eg birds,rabbit etc
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    I'm sure a spaniel would make an OK stalking Companion. If you want a tracking dog thats what you train for. There's a world of difference detween a dog that will track fresh scent and indicate deer for you and a trained tracking dog. A trained tracking dog is a thing of wonder to see working.
    I have to smile at some of the video clips shown on here over the years of somebodies wonderfull deer dog . They do have UKSHA and UKDTR on hand if they need a proper tracking dog .

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