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Thread: Police Scotland waiting time for grant and issues

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    Police Scotland waiting time for grant and issues

    Hi all,
    i applied (Glasgow area) for sgc and fac 4th May, had my visit around 6 weeks later, all seemed well apart from a couple of things on my 'record' that weren't mine, was assured they would be removed as proven not to be me when the FEO looked at the description in detail.
    have emailed and called multiple times to find out if they're any further with my application. Been papped off with various excuses each time.
    Doubting they've done what I asked and if they've sorted the issues out mind you.

    Anyone else still waiting? Or been granted/refused recently by police Scotland?
    I applied in 2000 and withdrew my application due to my living arrangements ( my brother was in a lot of trouble with the law then and we were both at the my mothers address) but the chief inspector (then of Pitt street) had said if I moved house and reapplied in 2 years he would have no issue granting me it then, unfortunately life and work got in the way and I didn't get the chance to apply until this year.

    My last call with the chief inspector he said that it had not been recommended I get one or both, didn't say if it was either or though.
    they have no good genuine reason to refuse me Unless they hadn't amended my record as requested. Which I wouldn't have known about any of these had I not applied for my licences (various seatbelt fines & I witnessed a commotion one day and looks like instead of being noted as a witness I had been put as a suspect WIT?! Think the was something else but can't remember now)
    looking for input, thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like the police have made lots of mistakes from day one..... Bad police, tut tut!

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    If it makes you feel any better....I'm in Aberdeen and I applied in Jan, got the visit in October.... paperwork due this week.

    Sounds like you have a few other issues that need to be ironed out though.


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    my son applied for his FC and SG certificate age 15, applied END OF APRIL , VISSIT from officer in AUG ,and FC and SG, all done and sent out 1st of Nov, cant fault them.

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    My son got his shotgun license a month back, took a good few months for it to go through all the motions. They did check every thing, school referees, referee and me. I myself am in for renewal of FAC and shotgun at the moment, was told by the police it could take up to seven months for a renewal. I will be starting to badger them, it's Strathclyde I'm with

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    Much more of this and the thing to do will be to apply for your next renewal once the current one lands on the door mat!

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    Providing its granted

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    Edinburgh - Was warned it would take 6 months for a FAC grant but was surprised to have my face to face after 11 week. FAO quite happy with everything. Now just have to wait and see how long it takes to process and arrive.

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    Hi kev. ( we have friends in common on fb). I was going to put in for a variation but with all the horror stories about the length of time it takes I am just gonna wait till my renewal comes up and do it at the same time. It's a shocking state of affairs tbh


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    Variation with Strathclyde 2-weeks cant fault them

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