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Thread: 7mm Hornady bullet heads.

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    7mm Hornady bullet heads.

    200 off 7mm 139 Gr SST Interlock. #28202 SOLD.

    389 off 7mm 139 Gr SP Interlock. #2820 Still for sale.

    Factory sealed boxes apart from the odd 89. You need to have 7mm expanding ammunition on your ticket to buy these, scan of FAC required, either ship to address on FAC or face to face. All 200 or all 389 to one home rather than odd boxes. 40 plus shipping for 200 SST (35 a box at Dauntsey Guns) or 60 plus shipping for 389 SP's. (29 a box at Dauntsey). 07939 145729. Thanks.
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    interlocks please as per PM ill send you my phone number

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    Just to say that these bullets are S.5 so have to be collected in person, or sent to an RFD for collection with production of an FAC. They can not be posted.

    A scan of an FAC doesn’t entitle anyone to buy or sell ‘Expanding’. This has to be face to face.

    Check out the advice in SD Classifieds, or the Home Office Guidance below which (I think) is the right section ……….

    Persons who dispose of firearms or ammunition otherwise than by way of trade and business need not register, but all persons, including dealers, must observe the provisions of the Act regarding:

    a) persons to whom firearms and ammunition may be sold or transferred (section 3(2) of the 1968 Act and section 5(2) of the 1988 Act) namely;

    1) a person producing a firearm certificate authorising them to acquire that firearm or section 1 ammunition;

    2) a registered firearms dealer;

    3) in the case of a shotgun, a person with a current shotgun certificate or a firearm certificate holder who possesses a section 1 shotgun;

    4) in the case of section 2 (shotgun) ammunition, someone who produces another person’s valid shotgun certificate, together with written authority from the certificate holder to allow them to purchase or acquire the ammunition;

    5) someone who shows that by virtue of the Act they are entitled to purchase or acquire the firearm or ammunition without a certificate.
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    Thanks Steve very nice to meet you and collect the bullets F2F your place of work is to die for
    interlocks now gone to me
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    Bugger only have 250 allowance on ticket...
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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