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Thread: Looking for info on said gentleman

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    Looking for info on said gentleman

    rite guys i really hate to do this and i understand it may result in me being removed from the the site....and ive just joined....i mean not upset anyone but i feel very passionate bout this all we ask is to have monies due paid thats it!

    i dont know how else to do this ive tried facebook , directory enquiries etc but no joy..
    a friend of mine did some work for this guy hes due my friend money after work done for him and hes fled the area


    he used to work perthshire area as a contract stalker for commission then he ran a company called Angus Organics , supplying game meat butcher etc
    work was done for him and he folded company and took off we believe he is in Inverness area now and possibly even getting back into contract stalking again up there

    now if anyone knows a contact number or location any information would be gratefully recieved


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    Having been in business for many years I have had similar problems many times, It would depend on how he folded the company whether you have a scubbie of getting money out of him. Also there are two sides of every story. You have named him on an open forum without details relating to the work. Without more details I would hope and expect admin to hit delete. To prevent that you should send more details by pm to the site bosses and let them decide. You also name him but use a site name for yourself and you write on behalf of another party. From what you imply he is looking for work in stalking while you blacken his name on the most popular stalking site. Not going to help his cause. Remember you could have put "Trying to contact A W can anyone help? pm please."
    Too much and too little detail for me,
    And I do not know him,

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    Have to back jimbo123p on this sauer, as said you should have put this to admin first


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    welcome to the site, but to join and then to make your first post a bit of a witch hunt is really not what the site is all about. Naming and shaming someone is fine, but at present I have to concur with the previous posters and that is that you should have just said you needed to contact the said gentleman first.

    I will leave it to you to edit your post please, failing this Admin will edit it!! By all means ask if anyone knows the whereabouts of this man, and then if you need to you can PM members privately for more information.

    Thank you


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    i have as asked already pm'ed admin to which i was advised.

    i am members of other forums and have posted this there also

    details to which i am refering "the other party / friend" is my brother whom did some butchery work for him and has not been paid. its not a huge amount of money but still its a lot to someone with family and unemployment

    i do not know what work A Winton is doing or interested in ...only what he has done in the past

    i agree its not the way i would have normally introduced myself to a site but i feel strongly bout this and feel that the only way we have of getting hold of this guy and asking for the monies due ( thats all we can do even if hes contacted) .... is thru like minded industry type people.
    if i am to be removed i whole heartedly will be removed with no fuss and my full apaologies
    but for someone to do this to somenone never mind your family? well i can only stick my neck on the block and ask for help to contact him


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    Not the best way to go about it but I know where your coming from.

    I had a local guy set up as a game dealer and do the same to me. He only done me for a big Fallow pricket but I still had to pay the farm for it

    I think he's still quite involved with the stalking world probably even gets on here, the stalking world is only small and I will bump into him sometime .

    I treat everyone as I expect to be treated myself and it does get to me when some one takes the p*ss.

    Atb Wayne

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    I agree with you, I think we have all been ripped off at sometime. And I hope your family get the monies back that they deserve. But it would have been easier and probably more succesful if you had gone about it in a more subtle way

    I have no intention of banning you, and I am not aware of you contacting admin as I have not signed in today under the name.

    I hope you get a result.


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