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    Information wanted

    Hi im ash 27 from Yorkshire, i would like to start up deer stalking but im very green and no experience when it comes to deer stalking I have hunted since i was a lad (vermin). Im would like information and pointing in the right direction as i dont known where to start, so would be greatfull for any information

    Regards ash

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    I would recommend joining the BDS and getting some training. Training Home That was what I was told to do a long time ago and I've not looked back.



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    Hi Ash,
    i would recommend booking a stalk with John Robson of Yorkshire Deer Stalking (YDS) from this site. He is based in Driffield but has access to lots of stalking throughout Yorkshire and further afield. He is an accredited witness for stalkers doing their DSC level 2 and as such is very knowledgeable and the ideal person to take you out on your first stalk.

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    As per aforementioned about training etc, I took my friend out whom bought all of the gear at a hefty price (i may add) and he had been asking for a while(he does vermin control), he ended up hating sitting in a high seat for a few hours (no patience) so off we went on a stalk and he said that he preferred the rats and rabbits to Stalking, moral of the story is try before you jump head first into acquiring any gear and watch n take in as much info as you can when out n about as there are a lot of really good guys out there to help further your knowledge and last but not least Enjoy.

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    Thanks for the replys lads very appreciated, i will contact john robson, i assume i can just book to have a stalk with him to get a feel for it having no experience? Thanks again

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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