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Thread: advice re hard single rifle case

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    advice re hard single rifle case

    I'm on the look out for a hard single rifle case around the £30 mark.
    There are a few online but I would like a recommendation on what make to get
    It is just for transporting rifle in car from a to b, so doesnt have to be fancy or expensive

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    Measure you car first! Then select what will fit. If it is a simple A to B then any woodworking shop could make one out of wood for less then thirty quid. Put this 'eggshell' shaped foam inside and a coat of pait outside and the job is done.

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    £35 from Uttings, so probably cheaper if you shop around, but this one has the pillars that give additional strength if someone sits something heavy on top ie a small child!

    Good bit of kit and wish I'd kept mine
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    Spend just a little bit more and get an airline approved SKB Single Scoped Rifle Case with key locks built in - Weighs a fraction of some of the other cases, and is slim and nice looking, and fits in the back of most cars.

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