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Thread: weatherby vangard 2

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    weatherby vangard 2

    seen this advertised at sportsmans has this august company have any thoughts or knowledge on these guns,thank-you

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    Had one in 30-06 for a few years then had it rebarreled by Jager sa again in 30-06. It was also restocked by Sss with a carbon sporter. So not really factory standard. I really liked it was a no frills, tough rifle and never give me a days issue. Trigger was OK a 2 stage adj affair good enough for any hunting scenario but don't expect a jewell. Essentially it's a howa built by them for weatherby so plenty of aftermarket parts for the geardos amongst us. They have sub moa garentee though mine was a little over that after the rebarrel it was easily 3/4 moa. Overall a solid choice but I feel you can get better choices and a better deal with howas.

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    I have one and it feels quite nice to handle. Needs an after market trigger, but it's a good tool but nothing more.

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    thank you for your thoughts

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