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Thread: Suffolk police

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    Suffolk police

    So I have just had someone up shooting from Suffolk.
    We got talking about firearms renewals etc and I told him about the severity of questions I had to go through this time round.
    He said that his local feo doesn’t even bother to go round and see him, apparently he sends his application with a cheque through the post and gets his licenses a couple of weeks later.
    There were a few other things that made me think, like no need to keep ammo and bolt separate.
    Is this normal practice for England now?

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    I'm in Cambs and no mention of bolt separate to rifle ammo needs to be in a separate secure place shotgun tickets now done over phone but FAC still face to face

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    Shotgun tickets now done over the phone in N. Wales - just a quick call to ask if your security arrangements have changed since last renewal.
    FAC renewal still warrants a visit, but very low-key (had mine yesterday). Just wanted to check that the cabinets were secure. Didn't have to get the rifles out to show him, or anything like that.

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    i good friend of mine did a 1-4-1 and got his ticket back in 72 hours from norfolk and that was via the post!

    i was gob smacked.

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    Suffolk are awesome to deal with, proper decent folk. Can't rate them highly enough. I hope I don't move any time soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    i good friend of mine did a 1-4-1 and got his ticket back in 72 hours from norfolk and that was via the post!

    i was gob smacked.
    Same as Lee, I've always had good service from Norfolk. Now that the force has ammalgamated with Suffolk, I'm glad I'm hearing good things about them as well.
    I hope I'm not speaking too soon.
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    I've had 1-4-1 return of post from Suffolk, they are thorough but sensible, my FEO is an ex M/cycle cop and knows his stuff.
    I have lots of mates in Essex and they take forever.

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    I expressed concern being without a rifle a while ago during a 1-4-1 exchange. FEO took my paperwork away and returned a few hours later with my new certificate! Got my new rifle the same day!

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