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Thread: Jack Of All Trades Twist Rate

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    Jack Of All Trades Twist Rate

    What would be the most versatile Twist Rate for a .243 - 1:8 - 1:9 - 1:10 ?
    Would barrel length have much of a bearing in choosing a Twist Rate in the the above calibre ?

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    1:8 would be good for any bullets you want to shoot. Bullet length determines twist, not barrel length.

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    Don't see the point in trying to throw over 100gr 6mm bullets at 2850-2950fps

    1:10 works just fine unless you really want to throw a higher bc which case get a 6.5x55 or 260

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    I owned a Sako 75 and I had a 1:8 twist barrel put on it to shoot 6mm >100 gr bullets. It shot them well. I've now got a 6XC and again it's got a 1:8 twist and shoots 105 AMax and 105 Scenars very well. 100 gr factory ammo will work well in both rifles too.

    A lot depends on what you want to achieve and whether you reload or not. There are a number of 6.5 mm variants available in short actions, but very little in the way of factory ammo for them.


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    I had a .243 Win with 1:10" twist and it shot very well with bullet weights from 70gn up to 100gn but totally and absolutely failed with 105gn VLDs. They went sideways at 100m. They were never going to work but I gave em a go anyway.

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    1:9, and 1:9.125, work well with 100 and 105-gr bullets in the 6mm Remington ( 6x57), but it also has a bit more MV than the .243.

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    Sako A11 1in 10 twist shoots 100 gr no problem also no problem with RWS 105 gr which is the only 105 I have tried.

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