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Thread: 444 Lever Action

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    444 Lever Action

    We've had sunday hunting for two seasons now . Last sunday and today were the first times I did it in VA . Hunted sunday in a couple other states years ago . Anyway I got out in a new stand site at about 6:15AM this morning . Carried along my refinished circa 1967 Marlin 444 with a nice old Leupold Vari XII 3-9 on top . The gun had 4 rounds of RCBS 44-240GC SWC pushed with 52 grains of H322 in the magazine . Also had my circa 1899 Parker EH 10 gauge #3 frame with 32" IM/IM barrels loaded with #3 buck in the right barrel and 00 Buck in the left barrel .

    Had a doe come by at about 07:30 closely followed by a spike and for some strange reason I didn't try to kill either of them . Watched and listened awhile and ate a snack then I "accidently" dozed off for about 20-30 minutes . Woke up about 09:45 and started thinking about getting my stuff together and coming down . I pulled up my scent candle and had it put away when I heard something about 60-75 yards behind me and saw a rather fat doe . I was thinking I might blast her when I saw movement behind her a second doe , then rather quickly I saw another deer with antlers .

    They were directly behind me , but the Trophy Whitetail stands I've been using for about 25 years are good for standing turning around etc . Got the gun up and cranked the scope up the buck was better then I anticipated so I waited about 30 seconds for him to step out from behind some brush . When he did I let fly with a home cast RCBS 44-240GC SWC pushed with 52 grains of H322 and set off with a CCI200 primer . At the crack of the rifle he dropped on his chin and headed straight down the hill in my direction and stopped about 20 yards from me . Blood was pouring out the side , so I didn't think he was gonna get away from me , but I have this thing about not wanting them to suffer even though I like shooting them and I put a second in his neck . He flipped over and ended up 10 yards from the base of the tree I was perched in !

    That pic was taken from my treestand .

    He's a 3 1/2 possibly 4 1/2 year old deer . A friend that hunts the adjacent piece of property told me about this deer three weeks ago . If the left beam wasn't broken in front of the G3 tine I might have gotten him mounted he has a 20"+ outside spread . That's the widest whitetail I've taken to date . Also the first deer I've taken on a sunday !

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    I'd be interested to see the carcass when skinned. Did the bullet exit?

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    Nice work, man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    I'd be interested to see the carcass when skinned. Did the bullet exit?
    Of course !
    I've never killed a deer with cast bullets that the bullet didn't exit . And I don't use a hard alloy just plain wheelweight alloy .

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    Very nice Buck there. Well done indeed thank you for sharing.

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    Nice deer! Looks like a beautiful day for hunting.

    I have the same rifle, with the straight grip and longer barrel than the current ones. Don't you know that the ones with shallow rifling are not supposed to shoot cast bullets well?

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    At one point I had no less then two dozen of the old Marlin 444 barrel band rifles . Seventeen were of the style as the one in the picture and seven were the first version of the 444S same barrel bands but 22" barrel and a PG .

    Now I'm down to this rifle another from 1966 that I bobbed the barrel to 19" and finally a circa 2001 ballard rifled 444 that I restocked for shooting 390 grain and heavier cast bullets .

    I think I'm somewhere in the forty range for the number of compatible bullet molds I have for the 444's !

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    Only thing that would have made this deer any better were if I had killed him in the Georgetown SC area while standing during a man drive and shot him with one of my Parker EH 10 gauge guns with my handloaded buckshot !

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    Ah, Georgetown! The sportsman's paradise. Not too late to go there; they have a long season and almost no limit.

    My first deer hunts were on man drives in Cottageville and Walterboro, with a 16-gauge Fox and #1 buckshot.

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    My .444 Marlin ss is coming to Croatia with me this year as I am feeling guilty not taking it to Serbia
    Last year .
    I will have to cart 2 rifles with me this year

    Ps. Every one loves it when the t4 starts to sing.......
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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