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Thread: Leupold Scopes and binos

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    Leupold Scopes and binos

    Been looing at these for clients to use
    Anybody have any comment
    Scopes look good quality and tactical binos look ok
    anybody use or have and experience?

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    Lupold scopes are over rated in my humble opinion and yes I happen to have two of them older ones yes a Vari X111 2.5-8 and a M8 Compact 4x. I would look at Meopta for scopes. I have no experience with the Binos so cannot comment on them.

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    I've got five Leupold scopes on rifles at the moment (and i've had several others in the past) and have never had one let me down. Not sure if they would be my first choice on a estate rifle for guests to use on wild deer though as the eye relief has to be just right especially at higher mag and most of the reticules are a bit thin for last light chest shooting. I would go for a bomb proof 8x50 Swaro/Zeiss/S&B with a number 4 reticule. Can't comment on the binos as i've never handled a pair. If it is for a commercial stalking outfit then it might be worth talking to Zeiss UK as a while ago they were offering deals to professional stalkers in order to get their products back in the market place, I had a brief chat about it but I didn't really need anything and, to be honest, what they offered me wasn't really that good a deal. JC

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    lupold are ok, as said very over rated & priced , just my op. Go Bushnell or Burris

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