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    Tripod doe

    Went out shooting this evening on our shoot on the Ashdown Forest and my little brother came across a heard of fallow on the edge of the woodland... and at the back of the heard this doe came out which quite rightly he took.Click image for larger version. 

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    How do you think this came about, birth defect, previous gun shot wound or operation? Has anyone seen this before?


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    With my lack of knowledge it could have been anything from an rta to a birth defect. Accidents happen and they can recover from them.
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    Accident of some sort I would thing, missing limbs are not that uncommon in deer, some years ago I shot a red hind that had lost both front feet, the stumps had completely healed and was walking normally, had quite a few that had lost a leg or part of a leg, fences, farm machinery and snares can all be to blame.

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    Shot quite a few fallow on the Ashdown forest with limbs missing over the years .Most tended to be the results of rta's or fence injuries of which many had completely healed over ..

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