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    William Powell

    And as you can see your post has been deleated!!

    As a large company I am sure you can well afford to pay for your advertising on this site. Perhaps you might like to take the time to ask? rather cheeky of you to think you can walk onto this site and advertise for FREE!!

    More front than Brighton!!


    Sikamalc (Admin)
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    What a cheek, a major company swans onto the site and just takes it they can advertise without paying. If you want to stay you had better PAY!!!

    Thank you

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    If you can show us where to find the information to advertise and the costs, we will glady look at these charges.

    I am sure it will be of benefit.

    William Powell

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    If you look in the general section there is a sticky thread which covers advertising, or those wishing to advertise. The site also points out advertising in the Stalking Available section, so it is well posted on the site.

    However if you wish to advertise please PM JAYB who is one of the three owners of the site, and you can discuss advertising options with him.

    Thank you

    Sikamalc (Admin)

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    Thanks very much for the information. We hadn't noticed these two threads and there was nothing in the T&C's when signing up.

    PM on the way.


    William Powell

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