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Thread: what 243 bullets do you use??????

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    what 243 bullets do you use??????

    fairly new to stalking just wondering what bullets you guys/girls use in your 243s

    Many thanks
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    Hello Dave,

    Have a look here covers it quite well.

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    If your pockets are deep then Winchester 95gr silvertips,
    Remington accutips 95gr also v good /,federal vital shock worked well in my .243 as did Norma .
    Best to try out a load of different ammuntion to see which best suits your setup. Brough

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    Nosler 90 grain BT spitzers for me.


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    Federal vital shock 80 grain works for me
    But has been said before try a few diffrent rounds out and see which one suits you.

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    hornady 95g sst .sierra matchking 95g and hornady 58g vmax

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    .243 Bullets


    Factory ammo I have been using Federal Vital Shok 95 grain excellent bullet.

    Home load which I have just started and getting good results with Nosler Ballistic tips, in Federal brass, CCi primer and 35.4 grains IMR4895.

    Hope this helps.


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    When I used factory ammo it was sako 90grn gameheads
    been reloading for a while now and use either
    87grn hornady s/p over 36.6 of vit140 in lapua brass with cci primers
    90grn nosler b/t over 42g of H414 in lapua brass with cci primers
    both are pinpoint accurate in my 19" sako finnlight.
    These loads are worked up for my rifle.
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    Good old Sierra Gameking 100grn homeload, 44.5grns N160, cci std primer.
    They don't go very far when hit with these.


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    I will use nothing but 100gran Norma in my Sauer. But I have the same model rifle in 30-06 and it seems to perfer Federals.

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