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Thread: Moderator for several rifles

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    Moderator for several rifles

    I have a Tikka T3 Varmint Synthetic in .223 and have a second .223 and a .308(Super Varmints) on order. All will have the same size barrels, all barrels will be 23.6 inches long and all will be stainless. I would like to get one sound moderator for use on all 3 rifles. I have been advised, by a member whose judgement I respect, that a .30 moderator would adequately reduce the sound of a .223. Should I go for an over-barrel type, thinking of balance and handling? I will have to get all 3 rifles threaded. Any thread preferences?

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    If they're all heavy barrels I'd choose M18x1 or 5/8 unf. It's pointless to go with a small diameter thread if you have a thick barrel. So find a moderator that you like and see which of the above two threads it's offered in to help you choose.

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    I assume they are all factory threaded and therefore will be 18x1.

    The smallest diameter will be dictated by the .30 bullet used in the .308

    I would take a look at the new A-tec Hertz range of moderators. I have received an honest review from a chap who has owned pretty much every moderator ever made and that's not an exaggeration. He was impressed and will be replacing his current moderators according. I too will be acquiring one shortly.
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    I have a Lawrence Zodiac which works well currently for my .243 and .308 and previously for my .223 and .308

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    I assume they are all factory threaded and therefore will be 18x1.
    No, the longer barrels are not factory threaded, so I will be getting Neil McKillop to thread them all at the same time, once I have decided what moderator to get.

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    Get a Wildcat Predator 8 in 308 then purchase a dedicated 223 insert, they might be a little on the large side but the noise reduction is excellent, just remember make sure you have the correct insert when attaching to your 308


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    If you go this route, I would go with the Evolution; slimmer and a saving in weight. I've got both, but would go Evolution in future. I am not sure that I would want to keep swapping cores though. I might be tempted to just accept that a 30 cal won't quite moderate as well as a dedicated .223, but use it for everything.

    Just a thought - if these are varmint rifles, how important is balance and handling when you are likely to be shooting them rested?


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    Evolution and buy separate baffle stacks thats what I have done so covers .243 .223 and .204, very good moody, slim and much lighter than the predator, excellent bit of kit, fully stripable wash in soapy water/dish washer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitter View Post
    if these are varmint rifles, how important is balance and handling when you are likely to be shooting them rested?
    I was thinking more about the harmonics than 'balance' perhaps. As one item will be doing 3 rifles, an expensive Titanium might be appropriate. The Evolution looks nice on Youtube. Are they available in stainless?

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    get one for 308 don't go down the changing baffles route to dangerous if you have a senior moment

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