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Thread: Browning A bolt trigger... Does anyone know a simple mod?

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    Browning A bolt trigger... Does anyone know a simple mod?

    Hi everyone,

    I shot with a 243 browning Abolt... It's a synthetic stalker & my first centrefire.

    Now please be kind.. I know it's not pretty or from the same class as a sako, tikka or manlincher but it's a decent little rifle for rolling up foxes & the occasional deer. Brand new it was just 320 which meant a little extra in the glass & mod depts.

    My only gripe is that the trigger pull is heavy. I've had a nosey & have already set the trigger as light as possible & it's still too heavy for my personal preference.

    Does anyone one have any experience or suggestions on a mod or upgrade that won't break the bank?

    Please try to refrain from the "should'a bought a..." Answer as the custom rifle will have to wait until the euro millions comes in.



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    I own a couple of full custom rifles but my everyday stalking rifle is an A-bolt all be it with a re-barrel and mcmillan stock.

    The trigger is a simple fix, get yourself the Timny trigger kit. It is way over priced for what is essentially 2 springs but they transform the rifle. Expect to pay around 20.
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    Nothing wrong with an A Bolt i quite like them to be honest it will do the same job as some of the more expensive rifles out there, I think Timney do a spring kit that will take the pull down to around 2lb i think the standard Browning trigger can be adjusted to around 3lb but if thats still not light enough a spring kit should the job and they are not that expensive from what i can remember.

    Edit - Scotch Egg beat me to it..!

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    This is the kit. But I would not buy from brownells now they use a rip off UK theiving third party.

    BROWNING A-BOLT TRIGGER SPRING KIT A-Bolt Trigger Spring Kit - Brownells UK
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    I love my A bolt in .308. Best value for money rifle, accurate, reliable, lightweight. What else can you ask for? If you want to mke the trigger lighter, just go for one of the after market ones like Timney. Cannot go wrong with them.

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    Thanks chaps

    I don't possess any trigger pull measuring equipment but Even adjusted as much as possible it feels way more than 3lbs?

    I don't shoot to badly but think my shooting would improve with a lighter, smoother pull. Seems like 30 well invested. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to buy the timney kit from? (Brownells accepted)

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    The Spring is a doddle to change , just pooh tube it,
    Ive done the springs on all my a bolts, I think I might have a couple spare if you want them ,Pm your address and I'll send them you foc, just make sure you give the gun a good bump test after fitting them, they are not timney springs I was sent them off another forum member,

    if if they don't work just pop into an engineers shop( mine were purchased the same way for pennies I believe) and ask if they have any small springs and just try a few until you have the pull and safety required


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    Trim the spring length down ?


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