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Thread: Where to sell

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    Where to sell

    Evening folks.
    Hoping someone can give me some advice. I need to sell a Colt 12bore hammer gun, I believe it is 1878 hammer gun with Damascus barrels, where would be best place to try and sell it, and how do I go about pricing it.

    Thanks in advance


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    Here would be a good start with a good description and a few pictures, plus it's free, or gun trader is a good place

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    Hi Try Graham Mackinlay & Co Gunmakers Strathleven House
    G82 3PD

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    monty put it into holts auction

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    Vintage Arms Scotland, might be worth a try. They have a web page too.
    Believe they're a mix of rifle, shotgun shooters and muzzle loaders. They might be able to give guidance on value or where to get one and they have a small classifieds section to.

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    In general hammer guns don't make much money unless they are a top English make.

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    Is it one of these:

    Colt 1878 Hammer 12 GA SxS Shotgun S/N 22345

    Be wary of people talking it's value down in the UK as colt are very sought after in the states! depending upon condition of course.

    In my experience the best way to engage direct with our american cousins is to put it into a holts auction as they have a large circle of american collectors and RFDs dialing in to their auctions. Just contact them and they will ask you to talk through it's condition and send them some good photos. There is no obligation but if you agree on their estimate they will collect it from you and put it in their next appropriate auction.

    Or.... as it's not a top english make I'll give you a hundred quid for it!!

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    Thank you folks for all of the replays. Sanibel686 it is like that one, stock not quite as nice. Was thinking of spending $100 and getting Colt archive letter but not sure if it would add any value to the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monty View Post
    Thank you folks for all of the replays. Sanibel686 it is like that one, stock not quite as nice. Was thinking of spending $100 and getting Colt archive letter but not sure if it would add any value to the gun.
    I would if I were you, for $100 it's well worth it, and even if it doesn't add any value, it will certainly make it easier to shift. I bought a James Lancaster of similar vintage and upon looking online a confirmed history and/or accessory case adds at least 10% to the price. If it is worth a reasonable amount it may also be worth finding out what the choke is and having it looked at by a reputable gunsmith, just gives the buyer confidence which is nice in a valuable item of that vintage. Is it nitro proofed?
    Good luck with the sale!

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    It all depends what you want. It's a rare gun but so is the person that wants it. It's worth big bucks in the States, but a) you need to find a buyer for it there and b) get it there. The advert is for nearly $5k. Big money but you need to know which variant your's is specifically to get similar cash. And remember that an advertisement is an offer to sell. The guy on GI wants to sell it for that price, which does not mean that it is worth that much. See if you can find some sold/paid prices for one of this is you want to be sure. An auctioneer might be a good choice as they also help with the valuation but you will pay a hefty commission for the privilege. It all depends. Some money now or more money later. And how much more is much later worth. Good luck.
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