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Thread: My first CWD and MUNTJAC with SIKAMALC

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    My first CWD and MUNTJAC with SIKAMALC

    Well in a previous thread I started at the beginning of the year about getting more species under my belt I took the plunge and booked a weekend with malcom (sikamalc). Made the booking in June for November and couldn't wait. Then the time came. I left glasgow at 4am on Friday to travel to berkshire furthest south I've ever been made a couple of p..s stops on the way and arrived at 10:45am to the old piggery B&B were we would be staying. On arrival malc was there to greet me and his second in command TOM. Got booked in and briefed on what time we were heading out. Malc decided that he would take me to his 2000 acre lease on a estate to get my first CWD. On arrival we glassed some crop fields but nothing so malc parked up and said we would go on foot along some fields and hedgerows. When we got out the cab the wind would have blown the hair off a baldy man but we carried on regardless. Plenty of slots and runs but nothing showing so it was back to the cab. A slow drive around the estate glassing fields and dodging pheasants still nothing. Then I seen one next to a flight pond malc confirmed it was a muntie buck so reversed back and we stalked up on foot. To our suprise it disappeared so back to the cab and glass again by this time the light was fading. After a short drive we spied to cwd in the park opposite to the gamekeepers house so we decided to drive down and park up at a hedgerow and sneak up onto them. We got 2 hedgerows down with a gap in it and got within 120yrds . I couldn't see them lying down on the bipod so used malcs shouler the 2 still standing I let the 30-06 go on the one on the right. A clean miss so swung round and let it go on the one on the left . Thudd I knew it was down reloaded and walked up to it. Malc confirmed it was dead and it was a doe. Brilliant my first cwd Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	63415 by the time we had gralloched and inspected it the light had gone so back to the cab and b&b then off to the flying horse for some pub grub and bed ready for Saturday morn.
    In the morning malc decided to take me round another field opposite the b&b to were he had a high seat so we left 30mins before sunrise still windy. We got there and in the seat for no less than 10mins when a munt came out 50yrds in front of me. Malc whispered it's a buck shoot it. Thudd and the buck run into the undergrowth I knew I had placed the shot well. Malc got down and into the hedges after it. After 5mins he reappeared with the buck. I must admit I am suppriesed at how hardy they are. The shot was spot on and it still managed to run 30yrds before collapsing. A very happy man and my first muntjac.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	63416 We sat about for another hour and decided to move to another area along woodlands plenty of tracks and runs on the way to it but nothing showing. We glassed down more fields and spotted a munt buck down a hedgerow and a cwd belting along the park next to it . Malc said it was a buck so made our way down. Glassing them on the way they disappeared so made our way back up and for breakfast. After brekkie the rain came down and the wind picked up strongly so got the head down for a few hours. In the afternoon the weather hadn't changed in fact got worse so decided not to go back out and wait till the morn so away to the flying horse again for grub . In the morning malc put me out with tom a great wee guide and a wealth of knowledge. We drove down to another farm and had a walk round some fields glassing constantly as the wind seemed to be picking up again. After 30mins tom spied a mature buck at the top of the park dukeing in and out the hedges so made our way up to be ready for it coming towards us but it had other ideas coming out the hedge 20yrds in front of us and belting back down the park. On the way back there was even one in the walled garden of the farmhouse. Oh well back for brekkie and head down ready for the evening stalk. Later that evening tom put me at the corner of the woods were the buck in the morning had run into as he sat in a high seat with another client. As the light was fading I spotted something bouncing in the long grass in front of the woods. Sticks ready I glassed it and it was a monster cwd buck so got my rifle up and for the life of me it had gone. By that time the light had gone game over and back to the cab. I've had a brilliant weekend, meet really down to earth guys,shared some banter and most of all meet what I call good friends now. I am looking forward to going back down again next year and would recommend MALC to anyone as they will be well looked after.

    Again thank malc for a memorable weekend

    P's. .....tell Tom not to order the chicken legs in the flying horse lol

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    Glad you had a great trip Scot, enjoyed the write up.

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    Congratulations again Scott. Despite the adverse weather conditions we got there in the end with two new species for you. Will have to have a word with the landowner about the Pheasants!!

    I have never seen so many wild birds in one place, it was packed with them.

    Good few days away with all 4 clients taking animals. Steve took 2 CWD cull male and female, plus a Muntjac, so that was his first of the two species. Mark and Tony over 2 stalks also took a Muntjac and Tony his first ever deer with me a nice female CWD.

    Let me know when you want to come further south for the Fallow next season, Tom and myself look forward to seeing you again.
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    Well done Scott! Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

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    Nice one bud, enjoyed the write up sounds like you had a good time!

    Malc - save some for me.......

    Only a week to go and its my turn, very much looking forward to it...


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    Quote Originally Posted by White Hart View Post
    Nice one bud, enjoyed the write up sounds like you had a good time!

    Malc - save some for me.......

    Only a week to go and its my turn, very much looking forward to it...

    Thanks mate. I'm sure you will enjoy plenty of them...........scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen of Imaal View Post
    Well done Scott! Sounds like a fantastic weekend.
    Thanks Ross. It was a brilliant weekend. Just hope you can get over next year for a buck.............scott

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    Well done Scott..

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Well done mate have you got their jackets of yet? Do you need a hand ?

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    Congratulations! You'll find that CWD venison is something else. Besides fluffier than other kinds. However they skin as easily as rabbits, so I'd recommend starting with the muntjac, because then the CWD will just seem like a pleasure. I'm also glad to see that Malcolm continues to lay on terrible weather for people to enhance their sense of achievement! That's a great trick. See you in February, Malcolm.

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