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Having been out of shooting with no FAC for quite a number of years I thought that joining a gun club so that it would be possible to get back into the swing of things and practice my shooting once again was a sensible thing to do. The bit of practice at home with the old BSA Meteor showed that I really need the practice and get fitter. The shoulder is weaker than it used to be that is for sure so prone or rested shooting should help get some time behind the butt so at the least we can see what else needs work on.

The club visited was The Lincolnshire Shooting Centre that has an indoor 25m range built originally for pistol shooting it seems and now also has a couple of outdoor ranges out to 100m. Yesterday evening we did not get to see these so a return visit is planned for the weekend in daylight. Those there last night were very friendly and welcoming and the club shop seems to be well stocked and there is not only tea and coffee on offer but a bar and restaurant as well so it seems that the first hurdle of the come back has been cleared as membership is open. The club is a little drive to get to but not so far as to make the travelling costs a factor unlike some of the clubs that are about. I decided that the 100 mile round trip to the one just outside Lincoln at Reepham Moor to be too far and the same could be said for the one at Northcoates.