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Thread: Sako S491 .222Rem - Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50

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    Sako S491 .222Rem - Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50

    Short Action Sako S491 in .222rem

    Beautiful cycling little action and in excellent condition
    Bluing is solid and dark throughout
    Wood is nicely figured with original Sako solid rubber butt pad
    Few marks from use but you would have to be looking for them

    Threaded 1/2" UNF with an 11deg crown with a semi invisible (steel) thread protector (all done by J Russell)
    Barrel is factor length with no unsightly holes for sights.

    currently sporting a set of Leupold QR bases and 1" rings in matte blue
    A 6.5-20x50 Target turret Zeiss Conquest MC HT (Bikini covers, boxed and paperwork included)
    Scope has slight mark on the optical coating on the objective lens that appears to be a light scuff but it is not visible in the sight picture other than a tiny little spec on the very outside of the FOV, again, you would have to be looking for it. (this is difficult to show in a picture and circled in red is reflected in the price with a 150 reduction)

    Also available with Optilocks if preferred

    currently shoots:

    40gr Sierra Blitzking (H335)
    45gr Sierra SPT (H322)
    60gr Hornday SP (N133)

    with excellent results:

    close ups:

    happy to split rifle, rings and scope or sell as one

    Rifle, Leupold QR and Scope - 925

    Rifle, Optilocks and Scope - 900

    Rifle - 585
    Rifle plus Leupold rings/bases - 650
    Rifle plus Optilock rings and bases - 625
    Scope - 350

    will RFD at cost wherever you need it to go

    Edit: I am only selling as it is just too nice for the kind of work I am using it for and am loathed to get it chopped down.
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    Right now I am trying to justify two 222's to myself....

    Could I interest you in a 222 Blaser barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Right now I am trying to justify two 222's to myself....

    Could I interest you in a 222 Blaser barrel?
    Sadly I lack the rest of the required blaser to put it to use!
    should be easily shifted though if surplus!

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    Really nice rifle that shoots well, but wrong side for me.

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    Stunning action, short compact smooth and built like you want it to be, I have a 20 Tac for sale built on the very same action and you will not go wrong with this sako,

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    To answer questions:

    Hi is the barrel varmint or sporter profile
    Standard sporter barrel
    Shows no signs of walking shots even after strings of maybe 6-10 shots

    I have added some clearance to the stock barrel channel and reoiled the wood below the barrel

    Bedding is via two factory metal units, round ring at the rear and a larger l shaped plate that fits into the stock and a void that the action locks into.

    No plastic on this, bottom metal and trigger guard are all solid steel.
    Locks up tight when torqued up..

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    Scope on provisionally sold

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    Scope and Optilocks SOLD

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    shame I would have bought as a complet set up.
    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Scope and Optilocks SOLD

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