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Thread: My first ever roe !

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    My first ever roe !

    Alright well I don't no how to start these things or how they go but I will tell you as good as I can cheers ! Well about two and a bit years ago my father inlaw took me stalking for the first time and introduced me to the world of deer stalking . It's took me about me about 3 more months of starting to look at the sport and hearing his story's and his love of the sport I was hooked . So to say the least I was done from the start haha ! So I decided to apply for my fac and my sgc as time went bye almost a year my was granted my fac and sgc after a few troubles were sorted to say the least ! And now having bought my self a wee browning xbolt with a atex mod and s&b 8x56 I was on my way to being in the great sport I love now ! So due to my delight I was contacted bye a person that was helpful in the process getting into this sports offering me ground to stalk on ! So I've been on this ground for a month and a half and have spent meny hours trying to get to know a few bits seen plenty deer but I was always felt like the shot wasn't right was unsure of distance and backstop ! So stated my day at half five got up and headed for the kitchen for a coffee! Got out to the ground for about seven and was on my way glassing up the end of a wood leading on to a stubble field witch lead on to a field of turnips glassing up the side of the woods and turnip field I spotted a White rump that was a row doe she was pacing up and down a small peace of ground at the end of the turnip field she was about 250 yards away so as she was facing away from me I started to make ground on her got in to about 150 yards with the wind right in my favour so still making ground then a pheasant flew right out in front of me making as much noise as it could ! Thought I was done there and then but low and behold four does came out from the woods now more than 80 yards away from me so I was on the sticks and nervous and excited as could be that this could be it haha so they started feeding with there heads towards me and one started to turn and the shot was on I took the safety off and got ready for the shot she turned broadside so let out a bark to keep her ther and fired ! She ran not twenty yards and dropped I had took the top of the heart out and still to this moment I have the biggest smile ever after having my first ever success stalk cheers for reading
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    Well done fella--hopefully the first of many.

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    Well done mate,

    I like yourself have just obtained a bit of syndicate ground and can't wait to get up there on my own,

    a lot of looking and recying will be done on my first few visits just to get the lay of the land/ safe shot positions etc

    I bet you can't stop smiling!!!!! Lol



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    Well done. I bet you are still buzzing ..............scott

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    Well done on your first roe
    and a nice write up as well

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    Well done mate. I've shot a few deer but all guided and not with my own gun so you're way ahead of me! Got the rifle now so maybe sometime soon...

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    How old do you think she was mat? How much did she weigh?

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    Well done Mat Hopefully the first of many

    Regards Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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