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Thread: Parker hale mounts

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    Parker hale mounts

    Evening . I need some help please , I have a Parker hale super safari in 7mm (7x57) I want to put a variable 56 mm scope on but the mounts are not high enough . I think I need some new mounts . Do people on here know which ones will fit this model
    Parker hale ?
    I have looked through old threads but it's a bit confusing !
    Mao all I need is someone to tell me which ones will be high enough ?
    Many thanks

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    Would a piece of film negative in the lower half of your present mounts not lift it enough ?
    That's an old trick I haven't used for quite some time, nor heard of anybody else using it but it worked for me and quite a few others before the plethora of mounts we have today became available..

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    TW Chambers might be able to help you

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    Tom, look on the Leupold webpage under mounting systems for the standard mounts.
    This system covers windage adjustment as well so solves a potential problem you may have.
    Click on the Mauser 2 piece and it will tell you of models it will fit.
    Be sure to measure the hole centers too to confirm the spaces.
    Countryman of Derby supplied mine.

    Should have said that the original PH rings are 1".
    Leupold rings 25mm and 30mm

    PM if you wish?
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    Bolt on dovetails and any number of weaver rings in high

    Or bolt on bases and twist in rings like leupold

    lots of option for the m98 receiver

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    Thanks guys , I will check out the Leopold range , I have loads of Parker hale rings not the bases !
    i have a couple of Parker hale rifles and one of the earlier models has fixed bases already !
    the holes will be the test as they look slightly different !
    Where is brithunter when you need him !


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    Quote Originally Posted by tom View Post
    Where is brithunter when you need him !
    Would be right up his street, this thread. His knowledge of P-H rifles is encyclopedic!

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    Tom, original bases would not solve your problem unless you use a 1" scope?

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    Try McCavoy guns in Wigan - they sorted my PH out with mounts - send photos or call in.

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    Leupold mounts and bases loads of options.

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