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Thread: LEFT HAND TIKKA T3 Lite Synthetic .243

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    LEFT HAND TIKKA T3 Lite Synthetic .243

    Hi. By request I have now separated the package with pics to suit. I have replaced the original advertised A-Tech Mod. for my Jet Z as its no longer being sold with the Tikka.

    Attachment 63996Attachment 63997Attachment 63998Attachment 63999Attachment 64000Attachment 64001

    For sale Tikka T3 Lite rifle 2 Years old; 550 +Rfd, Optilock rings and bases; 75.00 posted, Scope; Zeiss Duralyt 3-12X50 with a 06 reticle,450.00 (not illuminated) Posted, Jet Z 30 cal. Sound Moderator; 225.00 +RFD, All in excellent condition.jc

    yds Attachment 63987Attachment 63989
    Last edited by Highlandsjohn; 03-12-2015 at 20:13. Reason: Pics added of L.H.Tikka rifle,scope ,mod and 30mm optilocks

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    Bump, Reduced to 1150.00.jc

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    How much for bare rifle

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    Would love a lefthanded rifle again John but like I said I need to see if I can sell my righthanded .243 tikka first.
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlandsjohn View Post
    Hi. For sale this lovely little rifle. It comes with optilock rings and bases, Scope, Zeiss Duralyt 3-12X50 with a 06 reticle. (not illuminated) It is in quite reasonable condition (few marks with use) having fired maybe three or 400 rounds.It has a 1/2 unf thread with a A Tech Mod (6.5mm). The mod. less than 100 rounds. This rifle is a tac driver like most of them are. New 2 years ago.The package is 1250.00. jc

    100 grn sierra GK, 33 grn H4895,Norma brass Fed.LR primers. @100yds Zero at 225
    ydsAttachment 63434

    Attachment 63429Attachment 63430 Attachment 63432Attachment 63433
    Bump, I have separated this package now as follows..
    Rifle only: 550.00 +transfer. Zeiss scope: 450.00 posted, Mounts,75.00 posted. And change of mod. : 30cal. Jet Z 1/2 x20 tpi 225.00 + transfer. All item are in excellent condition.
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