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Thread: Has anyone put a moderator on an SGC Speedmaster

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    Has anyone put a moderator on an SGC Speedmaster

    Hi all,

    As per the above - I have an SGC speedmaster, with a heavy fluted barrel, and am thinking of a moderator. Has anyone done this? If so - what thread is it? and which Mod did you use.


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    Yes had a T4AR I also Had a brass bush as the plastic one was prone to melt I got fat bob to get it for me when he built it . think and a call to bob will save any fuss it was 3/4x16 tpi mine was a flute bull barrel was 24 but had cut to 18" for short etr, and matches also had a 24" upper for long range high power same profile but brake fitted.

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    bought a speedmaster second hand with a Ace ultra on it, cracking gun but no idea of threds etc, one ower from nrew so would have thought it came with mod on from them, I also have an Ase ultra on my 270 and love it deerwarden

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    When I bought my speedmaster it had a 3/4 x 16 on it, I wanted a titanium northstar but they werent made in that thread so I got a predator t8 from sgc, however the first time I unscrewed the mod, the end of the barrel came off and I realised it had a thread adaptor on it.

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    We have fitted them as well... just a little lottery on the thread details.
    Have a look on the gallery at Welcome to Onelesscharlie, Custom Sound Moderators, Sound Moderators design

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    I bet dog walkers love to meet you in the woods after the last few days shenanigans.

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