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Thread: Gurkhas

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    If anyone has a mind to protest over the shoddy treatment of proud old gurkhas by this government then this might be a good forum:

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    Signed, worked a few time with the lads during my army years, Ace guys and always had a raw deal, All the incomers from here, there and everywhere coming in and we chuck out some of our own who have seen us through thick and thin. Probably come in on the plane from iraq or afganistan, take of the uniform and are frogmarched to the plane out, Jim

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    Well done Drew,
    I did a similar petition awhile back on this site. It made interesting reading, a troll decided that the Gurkhas had no right being here. He got binned bless him! I to served with the Gurkhas, a great bunch of blokes.

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    Well done Drew,
    Thanks for that link,
    Just signed

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    Well done guys... i was fortunate enough to compete in the late eighties in an inter forces shooting comp... the gurkhas kicked everyones arse big time including all the special forces lads... they really are as good as it gets...
    The treatment befalling these proud lads is appalling...

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    Signed. Some of the nicest people I have ever met, providing your not the enemy. Used to take us out in the jungle for a camp annually when I was in Brunei. Shoddy treatment of such a great set of blokes and your not kidding they can shoot, they taught me

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    A Gurkha from the 7th Gurkha Rifles once said to me 'You are a very brave man, I could not do your job' I was amazed and asked why. He pointed to the Frigate behind me, made wave motions with his hand and pretended to be sick. They don't see many stormy seas living half way up a mountain.

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    I shouldnt imagine they do. Am I right I think they have won the most VC's of any regiment in the British army?

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    I will have to check on that. For some reason I thought it was the Durham Light Infantry?

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    It's a disgrace what they do to them, some folk even put them in vinegar and eat them

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