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Thread: Bucks

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    Have a big piece of ground been there four times in the last two week and keep seeing does no buck's I mean does 10 at a time in different fields. Anyone else having this problem.

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    I also have the same problem with the exception of one corner where i have seen 3 Bucks, 1 yearling, 1 slightly older animal and a belter of a mature Buck. The best distance to them was 176yds to the young yearling but bad angle for clean shot and as for the other 2 they run round the field Sunday morning laughing at me as they went past and then back into the trees. Itried again Wed night and saw the yearling for 10 seconds before he vanished and then the mature Buck at 279yds with no chance of getting closer.

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    The bucks have been slightly elusive at the moment in West Sussex. Most are keeping to the woods and edges and appear to be not moving much. Just one of those things, you will catch up with them eventually.

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    Bit better today shot one each. 6 pointer and a 4 pointer. The six pointer looks well nice..

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    It's quite normal at this time of year mate. The Does will be out on the crops as they are needing extra food before giving birth. The Bucks stay in cover as the woods are now sprouting shoots all over and have become a 'Roebuck breakfast bar'! No point leaving the safety of the cover if you don't need to. They'll all re-appear towards the end of June!

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    I've found most of 'em are holed up in DTM's until the the third week of october!

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    No problems here in the far North of England.
    Just had an Irish guest over for five days and got him six Bucks, the last one being an old gentleman who I had been watching for five years or so. Currently his full scull and antlers weigh 505 gramms so he may be a low Silver or at the worst a high Bronze medal.
    Another estate in our part of the world has shot 15 Roebucks so far.

    Pic here of Geofreys old lad.

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    Seen three Bucks last night one four pointer and two six pointers one of them is some sort of medal big as you like. Taking the rifle tonight to have a scout about..

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    Hi Finnish,

    I hope your not going to wipe out my deer spotting fun as l travel in the course of work down the M4! I always see deer on the Swindon junctions and down near the bath junction!


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    A friend of mine has perrmision on the bath turn off there are a lot of bucks there at the moment.

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