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Thread: Sako P94S Finnfire MK1

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    Sako P94S Finnfire MK1

    Hi Folks,

    am selling my immaculate original Finnfire P94S sporter.

    It does not come with either the scope, mounts or bi-pod, just an original 5 shot magazine.

    It has seen very little use with no rusting, or marks to the blueing from careless moderator use.

    Barrel is the full 21inch with screw cut muzzle.

    Walnut is well figured and nicely oiled.

    510 collected or RFD to RFD at your expense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    what calibre?
    Are the not all .22lr??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    what calibre?

    It's going to be .22LR

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    Correct redlab they are all .22LR
    I have undersold how good this rifle is, assuming people looking at my thread already know that it shoots 100m MOA, build quality, etc.

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    showing my lack of knowledge there guys sorry! i was hoping it would be a .222 or .223, good luck with the sale and thanks for the reply.

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    Price Drop!

    495 if sold before Black Friday. (this Friday)

    Real reason is I want things tied up before am out the country for a week.

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    I'll take it - pm sent

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