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Thread: .243 once fired lapua brass

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    .243 once fired lapua brass

    I'm having a clear out.. and this has got to go. theres hundreds of once fired brass. Its Lapua, which we all know and love. 30 per 100 plus 8 per 100 postage. Its loose, not in boxes. I thought i may need it one day.. seems i haven't used it!

    Or try bidding me... If i can get rid of it with minimal fuss, then there may be savings..
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    How much have you got?

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    Hi FMF,

    I think it's all gone, just waiting for the relevant people to pay and then I will close the thread. Can't believe how quickly it's gone and how much interest I've had.

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    Hi, Interested in once fired LAPUA .243 Brass if you have any left.



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    All gone i'm afraid. thanks for the interest.

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