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Thread: Hi from Cornwall.

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    Hi from Cornwall.

    Hello All,
    I love all forms of field sports and have been involved with fishing (fly, course and kayak(sea)) as well as game and clay target shooting, in one form or another for over thirty years. I have a number of small bore rifles .22LR and .17HMR for rabbit and light fox control around a number of local farms in the west of Cornwall. I recently completed by DSC Lv1 course and now seek to add some practical experience to all that theory. To that end, it would be great to hear from anybody on this site who can recommend someone who conducts guided stalks in the south west who does not mind taking out an enthusiastic novice. I am intending to apply for an FAC variation for a .223 and a 6.5 x 55 but suspect the FAO will try and push be down the standard .243 route. I look forward to benefiting from the wealth of experience and advice on this site.
    Best Regards,
    Dave L

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    Welcome to the site Dave.

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    Hi Dave, welcome to the site. I just completed my DSC 1 in Camborne/Cornwall at the Duchy College. I met a few local guys who I'm sure would be willing to take you out stalking. Or if you fancy a trip up to Dorset there are some good guides up here that will set you on the right track.
    ATB Day
    pm me if you want some contact details of either the Cornwal or Dorset guides numbers

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    Welcome to the site Dave.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks to all those members who left a welcome comment and those that also provided helpful guidance information via PM. Great site.


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