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    Hi all,

    been stalking for about 25 years predominately in the Wales area mainly for Fallow but now getting a few Roe.
    I also have some Roe stalking in the Bristol area which holds some nice heads but Im not into trophy hunting and that's probably why these heads exist.
    I have the chance to go up to Scotland for a try at the big boy,s Red/Sika but this is too far to travel but would be willing to travel a bit closer to home on an exchange basis if anyone out there wants to try for Roe or Fallow.
    I hav'nt got round to doing either DSC 1 or 2 yet but will be looking for an assessor/witness when i have done level 1

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    Welcome Elmer,

    Plenty from Wales on here, I am sure you wont be long in someone taking you upon your offer.

    Enjoy the site some real characters on here.



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    Hi there, Like you I have just joined and not too far from you in the Taunton area. Happy to help you out on the exchange you are looking for. I have access to Sika in Dorset and can arrange for additional excahges if that help. This is the first thread that i have joined, so hope it helps. Take care. Popey

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    Hi Popey, thanks for that and for quick reply.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have the opportunity to stalk up in Scotland with a colleague who has thousands of acres, hill and forestry and plenty of Deer, Roe, Red and Sika but I don't fancy the travel.

    One estate is by Aviemore and the others are right up on the North East coast of Scotland, more than a days travel by car.

    If you fancy the travel I could introduce you to my colleague who would be only too willing to take you around Scotland and all it would cost is your fuel.

    If you send my your landline No I will contact you so we can have a natter.



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    welcome taff whereabouts in wales you live

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    you live about in aberbargoed about 500 miles away lol

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    Hi Barry, I'm not far from you in Llanhilleth.

    Ron (Teckel)

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    Hi Tekel, Nice to make contact with you.

    Seems to be quite a few people on this site who don't live too far away.


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    Hi Elmer, If you ever have some stalking going let me know, i don't mind paying.


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