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Thread: Computer advice please.

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    Computer advice please.

    Would anyone who is Computer Savvy give me some advice please? PM if you wish.

    Whenever I start my Computer it is running really slow for about 30 minutes. I looked in the 'Task Manager' and something called 'svchost.exe' is using all my CPU. It is really annoying having to wait for it to finish doing whatever it is doing.

    All Windows updates are always installed and my McAfee is up to date. Have run a full scan and all is well.

    There are Chimpanzees more Computer Literate than me so please make any answers easy to understand .

    Thanks, Yorkie.

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    Google Fix SVchost.exe memory, there is a you tube clip that apparently tells you how to fix.

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    Thank you lads.
    I will look into your suggestions but if they use computer speak of more than one syllable I am stuffed .


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    svchost.exe is just a 'vehicle' for other services to run. At any one time there might be several instances of svchost.exe running and you need to first work out what actual service is being run within it. Then.... once you've done that you need to decide if the long-running service is something you can just bin or is there an underlying issue causing the high CPU usage. Afraid it is a bit of a techy one so not easy to deal with if you're a self-confessed technophobe!

    This article is quite good on the background and gives a reasonably non-techy step by step.

    How to Fix Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

    Give it a go and you can always ping any questions that come up on here or PM me. I might not know the answer but happy to have a quick ask around or else consult the IT consultants bible......... Google!



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    Hi Andy.
    You are a Gentleman. I appreciate the offer.
    I have done a system restore to 5th November and reinstalled all the windows updates and Mcafee updates. I have run another full scan and also run the free Microsoft anti virus. Nothing amiss with my computer in that respect.
    I will have a read of your link and take it from there.
    Thank you for your help.

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