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Thread: Lyman .30 cal trimmer pilot

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    Lyman .30 cal trimmer pilot

    Help! i need a .30 cal lyman trimmer pilot.

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    i have them here if any help
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    Hi Spud, i noticed you had one on your site for 4 odds but you wanted 20 for postage which i thought was excessive, especially given the fact that i post full set deer antlers regularly at a cost of 11. so to post something the size and weight of a single screw for 20 seems way too much IMHO

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    Krank sent me two, a 243 and a 270 (Lee) 12.40 inc. postage. jc

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    i dont charge 20 for any postage unless its intenational so you in correct there sir postage for a pilot is 3-50

    there is a slight hiccup for highlands but would post it not couurier it
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    Hi spud, I didn't mean to cause offence but when I went to purchase and checkout on your website it wanted to charge me 20 for postage which stopped me from completing the purchase. If you are now telling me you will post (I live near to Fort William) for 3.50 if will buy it. How much all in for the pilot and the postage then?

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    8 posted
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    my paypal is

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    Hi spud a colleague of mine was emailing you regarding a 6mmbr Forster full length sizing die decamping unit would it be possible to combine that with the trimming pilot?

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