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Thread: CZ lacquer removal

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    CZ lacquer removal

    Hi all

    I have a CZ 550 and am thinking about removing the lacquer so that I can put an oil finish on it. Has anyone done this? Any tips on what to use and how much hassle it is?


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    Nitromors paint stripper it worked on the Bruno that I used to have.

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    If it is a modern CZ550, the finish is a sprayed varnish, probably a catalyzed varnish.

    Try Citristrip, from Wal-mart. It is made from orange peel, and not so harsh as some chemicals, but really softens many finishes and is gentle on wood.

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    Thanks guys. Southern - we don't have Walmart over here but thanks anyway!
    If I were to get nitromors which I can pick up from screwfix, is it a case of simply using rubbing the fluid in and wiping off a few times or is there sanding etc required as well prior to re-oiling?

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    You can buy citristrip on Amazon UK.

    There is lots to do post lacquer removal and pre-oiling. I would suggest a google of stock refinishing as its a huge subject.
    Loads of experience on here but if they don't answer by morning I'll post a guide as I'm at work now.
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    Speak to peter larson... he fully refurbished my brno.. zkk .270..dated 1977 and it looks brand new... fantastic at his work.. full stock work and very happy...must get some pics and show her off
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    I would be careful before setting off on a job like this. Some of the lacquers used are pretty hard, and also stained. Where it is particularly difficult is around the checking and inevitably you will need to use sone sort of brush or checking tool to clean out the softened lacquer. Once the old finish is off, you will have to get through the normal routine of sanding, polishing, opening up the pores etc before starting to build up and cut back the oil finish. Its a long slow process, looks lovely if done correctly, but is ugly if done incorrectly. The reason for lacquer is that it gives a good robust finish at a very reasonable price.

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    A thread running currently, dealing with adverse effects if done badly.
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