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Thread: Hello from Hampshire

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    Hello from Hampshire

    Long time listener, first time poster etc..

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    Welcome to the site, this is not really an intro a bit more info would be helpful.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Ok Jayb.

    I'm just getting backing into driven game shooting and hopefully some stalking after a very long layoff. Haven't done much of the former in the last 11 years, and haven't been stalking since I was c.16 (now 32).

    Looking to get back into both, but more especially stalking. My aim is to become fully competent in taking deer from field / moor / hill to plate, including butchery and the culinary aspect. I've got a few courses booked, and will hopefully take a house in Scotland for a week of deer and grouse come September / October.

    I live in East Hampshire if anyone's in that area.

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