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Thread: Wanted Fallow ,Muntjack, CWD,

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    Wanted Fallow ,Muntjack, CWD,

    Hi from Sweden. Just wonder if anyone be interested ? Got Moose , Euroasian Beaver , some driven hunt on wild Boars. Capricallie , etc. First to start next season is Beaver. Starts when ice are gone aprox. beginning of April ends 10'th of May. Moose starts in October, Capricallie , Black grouse August and Wild Boar ( Driven hunt oct. -jan.)
    Only thing you need is a flight ticket to Oslo and i can pick you up.
    Borrow guns aint any problems either. Looking for Fallow, Muntjack,CWD . Absolutely no intention to get medal trophy.
    Just nice to meet new hunting friends. Have done this a lot but not in the UK. Got some Danish hunters who have been here for the last 18 years in a row. Just let me know if you are interested or have any more questions.....Sorry for my English skills when it comes to type....i think and hope i'm better to talk..:-) // Swedenhunter.

    PS: My son with a nice 24kg Beaver (Beaver to the left *s* )
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    Hello and welcome!

    You need to post an introduction in the relevant section first though. After that, I should expect that offers will roll on! If you like, you can come and trap grey squirrels in my garden, and I'll come and shoot some capercaillie with you....

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    Sorry i missed the introduction. Typical when there are so few rules you cant figure them out.

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    My wife cooked a Beaver stew here in Germany a few years ago (do not ask!!!) and it was very tasty.

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    if i say that i like to eat beaver i might get some funny replys . But it taste good anyway ...the fur is world class and even the scull makes a nice Trophy..Scull is from the beaver in the tread .
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    Good luck Swedehunter i hope you get some nice shooting here in the uk i might be able to sort out some shooting if you get stuck just pm me!!!

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