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Thread: 270wsm.

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    Hi wondering if any1 has experience with wsm calibers and the 270 wsm.

    much advantage over the regular 270?

    looking at the browning BLR in 270 wsm.

    all thoughts welcome

    thanks, jj

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    Havent used it but it should do all a 270 win will and maybe a bit more. Might be a bit of a barrel burner though (probably not an issue for the average amateur stalker).

    The that a lever action...seems like a slightly strange concept with a long range calibre in a lever action

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    thanks for the reply, my thinking was with the 270wsm i have good hill round, and a quick handling rifle in 1 which would be nice on boar. I have a 30-06 for big stuff in europe already but i would like something to be able to back up the 30-06 if it gets temperamental.
    I have never used a 270 or wsm caliber before so wonder if there are any problems with them.
    barrel burning shouldnt matter to much.

    many thanks, jj

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    My friend has a howa 270wsm with a lothar barrel. I made a stock for
    him and bedded the rifle. He absolutely loves the rifle and caliber, shot reds
    on the hill out passt 300yds. At the 300m range the rifle behaved very well too.
    I don't think he wants to go back to 270win again.
    The wsm idea is not the worst, short action rifle up to 375 H&H performance with
    the 9.3 RSM.


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    The BLR locks up in the barrel as I recall with a multilug bolt head. The trigger is a strange affair and is some has a lot of creep and is a bugger to work on. Even browning don't want to try it. Several club members brought them in .223 and one made a mag conversion to take M16 mags. Due to the barrel/bolt lock up they tend to be fairly good accuracy wise but recoil, felt recoil might be an issue? One of the guys brought one back from a trip to Canada in .308 and recoil was noticable. Some sadi excessive and refused to shoot more than a couple of times.

    Now as for the WSM I cannot really comment as I have no experience with them at all but have always wondered why re-invent the wheel the only one I would remotely consider looking at would be the .325 WSM and yes I know Finnbear has a WSM and loves it. I'll stick with old and proven std .270 Winchester thank you

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    Stock up on brass if you shoot a WSM in any caliber/configuration. I don't think Winchester will be making it much longer.~Muir

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    thanks for the replys, you have given me some good ideas.

    i think i will get a blr in a standard caliber, or take up realoading for the wsm.

    thanks guys.


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    I hear what you are saying Muir, others will make the brass then...
    270 win or 270 wsm is a hard call, but the 7 wsm's seem to be the thing and
    on the increase at least with the target guys. I'd prefer one to a 7 rem mag.
    Anyway the wsm head size is american...or? the 270 /30-06 is a mauser head size from 1888,
    about time to play with something new.


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    I dont have a .270wsm but i do have a .270winchester. I had a 6.5x55 and I did like it however I have more confidence in my .270win to do the job so sold the 6.5 and now only have one rifle.. the 6.5 did do the job its just personal preference. I prefer the higher velocities and energy the .270 has to offer. I suppose the 270wsm will do what the .270win will do but that extra bit more.

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    I've got a Winchester super stealth in 270wsm, reload for it with 130gr speer sp over 65gr of H4831sc with a magnum primer, shoots well and as yet hasn't been the meat mangler people were telling me about even with Roe and Munties. Good flat shooting rifle first thing I dropped with it was a problem fox, head shot off bipod at 250 yds, didn't leave much of his head. Only had one chance to plug him and the only available shot was his head, gave me plenty of confidence with the rifle, but rarely have to shoot past 150, mainly woodland stalking. Have shot a few boar with it, from up high, hit em in the swede and they don't go far!!

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