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Thread: 4 Gun cabinet

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    4 Gun cabinet

    For sale 4 Gun Rifle cabinet by DJS products.

    Main Features:

    4 Rifle/Shotgun, Standard Security, Cabinet with Lock Top, - GB4LT

    The GB range has these unique features:

    7 lever steel locks and anti-jemmy return
    Interlocking door with concealed hinges
    Common features to all DJS cabinets and safes

    Built & TESTED to BS7558:1992
    100% guaranteed police acceptance
    Suitable for Shotguns & Part 1 Firearms
    Fully welded 2mm steel construction
    Floor mat & divider for gun protection
    Fixing holes in back and base
    Durable hammer grey finish
    Ext Dimensions: 1475mm x 256mm x 271mm

    Pick up only from Haywards Heath,Sussex as they do weight a bit. 90 (Current RRP 160)
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    Pick up from where? a rough location will do.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Pick up from where? a rough location will do.

    Ahhh. The old anonymity chestnut. Do I recall a recent thread touching on this very subject?
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    My guess....Brighton

    Sorry, I cheated, I had a gander at lordy's introductory post

    I do agree, it's so much easier if you just tell


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    I thought I read somewhere recently that a suggestion was made that a 'rough location' should be posted in the Avator - the picture thingy on the left
    It would make things a lot easier as to whether you offer help, take up offers or even arrange to meet

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    I'll have 80 in it if your 50 mile within me, & its top cond & x2 key sets.

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    How does he know if he's 50 miles from you .You also show no location.

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    Very good Question Brough,

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    Sorry guys my bad thought my location was on my profile. I'm Haywards Heath 20 miles north of Brighton

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    price drop 90

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