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Thread: A big thank you to Angela Merkel

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    A big thank you to Angela Merkel

    France confirms Syria refugee 'crisis' allowed Paris terrorists into Europe.

    We now have to live with this. One hundred, here in Paris, don't. They've already lost their lives. So a big thank you to Angela Merkel.

    Paris Killers Used Refugee Crisis To

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    Wonder if any of the planeload into Scotland have Isil sympathies?
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    The one plane guaranteed not to have a hijacker on board.

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    Hmm very bad. And now I see Mali is under attack poor sods.

    However I did mention it at some point. Before the last major thread was shut down.

    So here is what I said.

    "This is an issue about border protection foremost. Whilst some "may" agree on a certain level of intake if the number gets to 10 million or more then it will be a security issue, not a welfare issue.

    It would be very unfortunate if debate in any country about border protection and sovereign rights is shut down under the pretext of racism because that is almost as stupid as sticking your head in a sand and hoping your problems will go away."
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    divide and conquer ,if we cant talk about it how do we deal with win for the murdering cowards
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    She has been Chancellor for 10 years now and this experience shows in her action.
    And she still has the respect of most of the German population which is more than be said for Eton Dave.
    She reacted to open the borders after those poor 71 souls were discovered dead in that meat cooler wagon in Austria during the August heatwave.
    Hard to say if it has backfired really as that decision has taken much of the people smugglers income pretty well out of the game and has brought much more structure to this inevitable situation.
    IMO such Jingoistic / nimby / keep out perspectives will not do much constructivly to address this real world problem which was caused in the early 2000s by the bad decisions of dubya Bush and Blair.
    I cannot vote for her and hope that I am neutral here this is just my observations of what I am seeing and hearing over here in the Fatherland.

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    A Syrian family walked across the Mexican border this week and turned themselves into police.

    Syrians with stolen Greek passports arrested in Honduras, after flying through Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica. That little town in Honduras has about the shortest, most dangerous commercial airport I have ever seen, but it is a gateway into Mexico, after the Paris attacks.

    8 Syrians arrested at the border in Texas this week.

    Syrian man arrested in McAllen, Texas (ranching town near the border ) with stolen identification.
    5 Pakistanis and 2 Afghanis arrested crossing the Mexican border into Arizona yesterday, November 19.

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    My German relations in Munich don't seem to like what's going on.

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    The majority of Americans want all immigration stopped until it is gotten under control. Congress voted yesterday to suspend all immigration from Syria / Iraq / Afghanistan, etc until the background vetting is cleaned up and 100% airtight.

    But the "liberals" don't care what the majority thinks; they say they will continue to bring in millions of Latinos without any checks, and 200,000 "Syrians" with just interviews. They are in denial of reality. Hillary Clinton says these immigrants have nothing to do with terrorism. Barack Hussein Obama says the Islamic State is not Muslim. John Kerry says "climate change is a bigger threat".

    This gets to the point of arrogance and the disdain for the citizenry by "liberals", "progressives", "humanitarians", etc. They really don't care about democracy except when it elects them and validates their action. Otherwise, they dictate what they want.

    And what they want, at best, is to feel good about themselves as compassionate. But it is not their money or their neighborhood they are giving away. These immigrants have no legal right to go anywhere. The citizens of the target countries have done nothing with these immigrants to have any moral obligation to them. What we have is propaganda, beginning in public schools and drumbeat every day in the media, to make us believe we have a moral obligations out of thin air, and less legal rights than foreigners.

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    You can all blame migration as much as you like, the unfortunate truth however is that most of these ISIS inspired terrorists in Europe have been 'home grown' (although some have gone abroad to further their training).

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